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August 29, 2014

Dear Belvedere Property Owners:

As you may know, the Belvedere Municipal Utility District (the "District") is responsible for maintaining the stormwater drainage system within the District. Such maintenance includes the upkeep of the stormwater detention ponds located in common areas and ditches and drainageways located in dedicated easements on lots and common areas and along community streets. As development and construction in Belvedere has increased this past couple of years, some drainageways and ditches on individual lots have been modified, filled in, or otherwise altered so that stormwater flows are impeded during rain events. These alterations include the under sizing of some culverts beneath driveways not installed according to community standards, encroachments from landscaping, retaining walls, construction activity, and other similar items. These alterations, while probably not intended to do so, have a negative impact on our community — one that won't be evident until the day we have that big rain we all are wishing for.

Proper maintenance of community drainage is a significant responsibility undertaken by the District to protect homes and private property during storm events. It is the objective of the Belvedere MUD that everyone understands the need for drainageway compliance and the benefit of a well-managed stormwater drainage system in our community (i.e., our homes and property don't flood in a big rain). Recently the District's Engineer performed an inspection of drainage facilities and identified areas in need of attention and/or remediation. To this end, individual property owners with areas identified on their lots as needing attention will receive individual notice within the next 30 days and specific recommendations for follow up. Too, all home builders in Belvedere will be required to make any changes necessary to become compliant with Belvedere MUD drainage requirements. We look forward to working with these property owners, builders and the community to resolve these issues. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the Board members whose contact information is listed above.

Board of Directors, Belvedere MUD


Building new pools in Belvedere: Once your pool is completed, please truck in the water to fill your pool.

Belvedere and Community Area Development Updates click here
Letter for September 2014 Meeting click here


The Belvedere ACC and Belvedere HOA board members have made the decision to change the construction hours within the Belvedere Community. Please all talk with your subs and contractors that are currently doing work on site.
Belvedere NEW Contractor/subs hours for construction:
Monday thru Friday: 7am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm
Sunday: NO construction on Sundays, not even interior work.

• New Year's Eve – Dec 31st
• New Year's Day - Jan 1
• President's Day
• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving (Thursday)
• Christmas Eve
• Christmas Day

Our next ACC meeting is Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 3PM at the Belvedere Amenity Center.


Please be advised that the ACC is experiencing a high demand for places on the agenda. Submission of plans by Thursday five days prior does not guarantee placement on the agenda. The ACC at times requests submitters return by a specified date or a subsequent meetings and/or other complete packages may have been received prior to your submittal. Complete packages including the ACC checklists submitted to Kim Bigley at the Amenity Center will be dated for use in setting the agenda. Early submission of complete packages is suggested.

May 19, 2015 at 3PM at the Belvedere Amenity Center
(Posted to Belvedere Website and Mail Center Bulletin Board by May 15, 2015)
Note:  24 by 36 drawings must be delivered to the Amenity Center five (5) days before the ACC meeting, or the subject topic shall be excluded from the ACC meeting agenda.

• Review and approve May 5, 2015 ACC meeting minutes.

• Revised driveway layout & landscape changes review for 8516 Bellancia for Richard Bright (owner) and Richard Bright Custom Builder  (contractor).

• Landscape review for 8717 Bellancia for John & Araceli Rodriquez (owner) and Countryside Landscaping (contractor).

• Remodel/ improvement review for 17937 Flagler Drive for Jeff & Carmalene Churba (owner) and Duffin Custom Homes (contractor).

• Deferred Landscaping review for 17108 Flagler Drive for Steve & Suzanne Bryson (owner).

• Deferred Landscaping review for 17612 Flagler Drive for Eloise & Ben Christian (owner).

• Executive Session

• Adjourn

• Next meeting on June 2, 2015 at 3pm
Please be advised any and all wildlife feeding is strictly disallowed in the Belvedere community.  It is dangerous for wildlife, especially deer, to be fed during the aggressive season, and feeding any wildlife creates an unsafe condition for people.
The Belvedere HOA management company will strictly enforce this important safety policy with fines and penalties for any violations of this wildlife policy.  Any wildlife management policy violation shall result in a $200.00 per day fine for the offending party.  The community management company shall remove any wildlife feeding improvements found on any homesite and/or HOA Nature Preserve land.


The Belvedere Community
ACC Requests with HOA Board of Directors
October 15, 2012

To: The Belvedere HOA Board of Directors
From: Joel Robuck and Belvedere ACC
Subject: ACC requested rules and regulations

The Belvedere ACC is requesting HOA Board consideration and action related to numerous ACC policies.  The ACC is requesting consideration and action for these policies at the October 16 2012 HOA Board meeting, for immediate implementation.  The HOA is the formal and legal entity authorized to set rules and regulations for Belvedere.

The ACC is requesting these policies would be effective for all ACC submittals which have not achieved final ACC plan review. The purpose of these ACC policies is to enhance our management of the community CCR’s, rules and regulations.

The requested policies are:

  1. The ACC shall not consider any submittal if the submittal plans and ACC Check List are not delivered to the ACC Administrator at least five (5) days before the requested ACC meeting date.
  2. The ACC shall not consider any final new home plan unless the ACC approved custom builder is submitted with the new home plan.
  3. The ACC shall not consider any final new home plan unless the designated ACC approved custom builder attends the ACC final plan review meeting.
  4. The ACC shall not consider any plan submittal if the homesite Owner or Custom Builder has outstanding unpaid CCR or HOA rule violations and/or fines.
  5. The ACC shall not consider any plan submittal if the Owner or Custom Builder has outstanding CCR, ACC or HOA regulation violations.
  6. The ACC shall not consider any plan submittal if the Owner or Custom Builder has any incomplete or missing McComis inspections, including a Final Inspection and/or a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Respectfully submitted,

Joel H. Robuck
Belvedere ACC

Action: Motion and seconded and passed unanimously at the October 16 2012 1 PM Belvedere HOA Board meeting.


May 19, 2012

To: All Belvedere Property Owners
From: Joel H. Robuck, Belvedere HOA
Subject: Pool fencing and 2009 IRC Code Requirement

The Belvedere HOA Board is concerned about the safety of our families, especially our younger children.  Accordingly, we plan to focus on the 2009 IRC pool fencing requirement, which documents the need for a barrier surrounding a pool.

For example, the Belvedere exterior game fence does not meet this 2009 IRC code.  We are requesting McComis Inspections review all existing Belvedere pool fences to ensure we meet this CCR safety code requirement.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  The safety of our families is a high priority!!

Best regards,

Joel H. Robuck
President, Belvedere HOA
214.361.7830 telephone
214.363.3090 telecopy


March 22, 2012

To: All Belvedere Property Owners
From: Joel H. Robuck, Belvedere HOA
Subject: West Travis County Public Utility Agency (WCTPUA)

On March 19 2012, the WCTPUA closed on the purchase of the West Travis County water and wastewater systems, including the water system serving Belvedere.  I wanted you to be aware of this transaction.

The contact information for WCTPUA is:

Don Rauschuber, General Manager (
West Travis County Public Utility Agency
12400 St. Highway 71 West, Ste. 350-251
Bee Cave, Texas  78738
512-263-0100 (phone)
512-263-2289 (Fax)

The WCTPUA has the same Belvedere water system responsibilities as the LCRA.  WCTPUA basically includes West Travis County systems, including Lakeway and Bee Cave.

Best regards,

Joel H. Robuck
President, Belvedere HOA
214.361.7830 telephone
214.363.3090 telecopy


May 13, 2011

To: All Belvedere Property Owners
From: Joel H. Robuck, Belvedere HOA Board
Subject: LCRA water decision process

The LCRA provides our Belvedere community our potable water and the LCRA is requesting bids to sell their water and wastewater systems.  Click here for the white paper from Laura Kalisek, the Belvedere MUD attorney, that provides current information related to this process.
The Belvedere MUD Board of Directors wanted to apprise you of this LCRA decision process.  The Belvedere MUD Board is currently part of the Central Texas Utilities Development Corporation Coalition, planning to submit a bid to the LCRA by May 23, 2011.
We shall continue to apprise you of pertinent activities.

Best regards,

Hamilton Bee Cave LP
Joel H. Robuck
Residential communities
Belvedere in West Travis County
Brushy Top in Blanco County
Berkshire Inc.
Office 214.361.7830
Cell   214.244.0042


December 7, 2010

To: All Belvedere Property Owners
From: Joel H. Robuck, Belvedere HOA Board
Subject: Belvedere. No hunting and entry system management.

No Hunting.  The Belvedere HOA Board wants all property owners and guests to remember there is "No Hunting" in any part of our Belvedere community!! A fine of $500.00 shall be immediately enforced and legal prosecution shall be proactively enforced for violations of this community rule. Thank you for your cooperation.

Entry gate system.  We are experiencing illegal entry into our community and the Belvedere HOA Board has authorized the following steps:

1. Effective December 10, 2010, all generic codes are cancelled and Kim Bigley with Alliance is authorized to issue new legal generic codes.

2. Effective December 15, 2010, a security service shall manage the entry gate, and illegal parties shall be disallowed. Please make sure you have current codes from Kim Bigley for legal entry.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence with our Belvedere community.

Best regards,

Joel H. Robuck
President, Belvedere HOA
214.361.7830 telephone
214.363.3090 telecopy


November 15 , 2010

To: All Belvedere Property Owners
From: Joel H. Robuck
Subject: November 2010 Developer Update

Belvedere sales activity.  We continue to make positive progress with Belvedere new home and homesite sales in 2010.  Our 2010 product sales volume is now over $10,000,000 and we have several new home and homesite contracts in the title company for closing this year.  We sincerely appreciate your referrals and positive communications related to our Belvedere community.

We also have eight new home plans in various stages of design and ACC review for new custom homes. 

Belvedere oak wilt management policy.  Because of the significance of preserving our Live Oak trees, our Belvedere HOA oak wilt policy is to disallow any Live Oak tree trimming and/or removal from February 1 to July 1.  This period is the active oak wilt beetle season and we are diligently seeking to preserve our Live Oak trees.  We sincerely appreciate your compliance with this important community policy.

Belvedere HOA meeting schedule.  Our Belvedere HOA meeting schedule is:

The Belvedere ACC meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 3 PM at the amenity center, if we have plans to review.  Each ACC agenda is placed on the belvedere website and the mail center bulletin board three days before the meeting.  And we are placing ACC Signs on the homesites under consideration.  Any property owner is allowed to attend the meetings and participate in the ACC discussion.

The Belvedere HOA Board meets the third Tuesday of each month at 1 PM at the amenity center.  Any property owner is allowed to attend the meetings and participate in the Board discussion.

Nature Preserve trail repair.  Resulting from the recent heavy rains, we had several erosion problems with our Nature Preserve trail system.  Repairs are in progress and should be complete this month.

Belvedere New Year’s Eve party.  Tracy Miller and her committee are working on the plans for our community New Year’s Eve Party.  Stay tuned for the updates for this fun event.

Thank you very much for your commitment to Belvedere.  We continue to work diligently to achieve excellence with our community.  Your communications are important, so please advise us of your community suggestions.

Best regards,

Joel H. Robuck
President, Belvedere HOA
214.361.7830 telephone
214.363.3090 telecopy


May 25 , 2010

To: All Belvedere Property Owners
From: Joel H. Robuck, President, Belvedere HOA
Subject: Belvedere Community Update

I am delighted to report we continue to make positive progress with our Belvedere community.  Thank you for your commitment to excellence with our community.

Neighborhood Watch Program.  The Belvedere HOA Board has approved the Neighborhood Watch Program for Belvedere.  Thanks to Karen Shultz, we understand and support this community involvement and security program.
We will have our Kick Off Social Party on June 18 2010 at 6.30 PM at the Amenity Center.  All property owners are invited to attend the Party and participate in this important activity.

First Quarter 2010 Sales Results.  In the first quarter of 2010, we sold over $3,800,000 of new homes and homesites.  Our market home inventory has been reduced to two available market homes, and we have approximately six custom homes in the design process.  The second quarter is continuing with this positive sales trend.

Community Directory.  Some residents would like to create a Belvedere community directory.  The purpose of the directory would be to document current contact information for community connections, and not for solicitation purposes.  Your HOA Board encourages your community involvement and participation.  Please call Kim Bigley with Alliance and provide her your contact information if you would like to be included in the Belvedere Directory.

Lazy River.  The Lazy River is now open for the season.  We are working to professionally maintain the Lazy River, and we encourage your maintenance of our community standards.

Live Oak Tree Preservation.  The oak wilt beetle is a continuous preservation consideration and we encourage all property owners to follow best management practices (BMP’s) with our Live Oak trees.  Our Belvedere policy is to refrain from allowing any tree removal or trimming from February 1 to July 1, which is the active oak wilt beetle season.  And the ACC must approve any homesite tree removal and/or trimming before the work is performed.

Best of 2010!!  We are honored and delighted to report Belvedere won the HBA MAX Award for the Best Overall Community (101 to 300 homesites) in 2010, Steve Zbranek was selected as the Custom Builder of the Year, and Tony Holt’s home won Best Custom Home Design ($1,500,000 to $1,750,000).  Thank you for your commitment to excellence, and congratulations to Steve Zbranek and Tony Holt.

Belvedere Questionnaire Feedback.  We are continually working to improve our Belvedere marketing and we are requesting your feedback with the enclosed survey.  Please complete the questionnaire and mail to Carolyn Boden at the address on the bottom of the survey.  Your feedback will assist in the enhancement of our community and our sales results.

Belvedere ACC Action. We continue to experience positive ACC activity, with approximately six custom homes in various design stages.  Bill Brandt is assisting in the ACC decision process, and brings much wisdom to the process.

CCR Management.  Alliance and the Belvedere HOA continue to focus on the community CCR management.  We encourage all property owners to understand and follow the CCR’s, rules and regulations.  CCR compliance shall elevate the overall appearance and ambiance of our community.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence with our Belvedere community.

Best regards,

Joel H. Robuck
President, Belvedere HOA
214.361.7830 telephone
214.363.3090 telecopy

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MUD (Municipal Utility District)


Belvedere HOA Management Company
Kim Bigley, CMCA
Community Manager
Alliance Association Management
115 Wild Basin Road
Suite 308
Austin, Texas 78746
Phone 512.347.2898
Fax 512.328.6178
Customer Service 512.347.2888

Cable & High-Speed Internet
Time Warner Cable..................512.485.5555 Electric
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Phone AT&T...................................800.464.7928
Propane Action................................512.259.1196
Texas Diposal Systems.............512.421.1240
Water WCTPUA............................512.263.0100

Lake Travis ISD
Bee Cave Elementary.............512.533.6250
Lake Travis Middle School........512.533.6200
Lake Travis High School...........512.533.6100

Travis County Sheriff..............512.854.9285
Bee Cave Fire Station/Travis County ESD #6
13333 Hwy 71 West............................911
US Post Office
Lakeway Branch....................512.263.2478


Karen Shultz, President

Tom Wiles

Gary Urano

Malana Rudnicki

Scott Garrick